Oromos for Justice, Security, and Truth (O-JUST), July 8, 2024

Oromos for Justice, Security, and Truth (O-JUST) has issued a press release on July 8, 2024 challenging recent statements by the Ethiopian government that claim the Oromo people have achieved liberation. The organization criticizes the Prosperity Party for spreading false narratives and perpetuating what they call “downright lies” about the status of the Oromo people.

The controversy stems from comments made by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister during a visit to Naqamtee on May 8, 2024. Addressing a crowd at Wallaggaa Stadium, the Prime Minister declared that “The Oromo have been liberated. The Oromo no longer demand to use their language. That is history. The Oromo no longer struggle to achieve self-rule. That has been realized.” According to O-JUST, these statements are part of a broader effort to undermine the legitimacy of the Oromo national movement and to portray the struggle for Oromo rights as obsolete.

O-JUST asserts that these claims are misleading and do not reflect the reality faced by the Oromo people. The press release outlines several points that contradict the government’s narrative:

  1. Continued Struggle for Political Freedom: Despite claims of liberation, the Oromo people still seek genuine self-rule and equal participation in the federal governance of Ethiopia. The press release argues that true democratic self-rule in Oromia and at the federal level has yet to be realized.
  2. Demand for Social and Economic Justice: O-JUST highlights ongoing issues such as unlawful evictions, land grabs, and corruption that continue to affect Oromo farmers and urban dwellers. The demand for economic justice remains unmet.
  3. Cultural Equality: The press release emphasizes that the Oromo national struggle, initially launched to protect the Oromo language and culture, continues to face challenges. It calls for the recognition of Afaan Oromo as a federal working language and the protection of Oromo cultural heritage.
  4. Quest for Peace and Security: The organization points to the persistent violence and lack of security faced by Oromos, exacerbated by both federal and regional forces. The press release calls for an end to the rule of violence and the establishment of lasting peace.
  5. Human Dignity: The ongoing criminalization and persecution of Oromo nationalists are cited as evidence that the struggle for human dignity and civil liberties is far from over.

O-JUST concludes that while the Oromo struggle has achieved significant victories over the past five decades, including the recognition of Oromia as a regional state and the use of Afaan Oromo as its official language, the fundamental demands of the Oromo people remain unfulfilled. The press release insists that the Oromo movement’s goals are consistent with international human rights standards and that the struggle must continue until true freedom and justice are achieved for the Oromo and all Ethiopians.

The organization calls on the Ethiopian government to address the genuine grievances of the Oromo people and to engage in meaningful dialogue to ensure their rights and aspirations are fully recognized and respected.

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