September 18, 2023

“The violations of human rights in #Tigray are grave and ongoing. After the COHA, the Commission’s investigations documented the continued presence in Tigray of #Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) responsible for continuing atrocities, at times committed not far from the #Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF). EDF attacks on civilians in Tigray, past and current – in particular sexual and gender-based violence – have been abetted or tolerated by the Federal Government, which has failed in its legal duty to protect its population from violations by a foreign army, or by #Amhara militia present in the areas of Western and Southern Tigray. In and beyond Tigray, the Commission recorded scores of brutal incidents of rape and sexual violence and displacement. Across the country in 2023, it recorded large-scale arbitrary detentions (especially but not only of Amharas); the ongoing, widespread use of hate speech and incitement to ethnic and gender discrimination; and the continued devolution of civil authority through militarized “Command Posts,” including under State of Emergency legislation.”

Full text of the 2nd report Sept 2023

1st Report of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia from Sept 2022

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