#BreakingNews Tigray Army’s Military Command just announced Ethiopian Army, Amhara Forces including Fano “attacked on the Southern front today (Wednesday, August 24, 2022) at 5 am local time ” in a statement read on Tigray TV adding “their main front is planned to be the western front.”

The statement released by Military Command of Tigray Army said, “ after mobilizing divisions of Amhara Special Forces, Wollo Fano and Militia closer to the border over the past five days from those who were already there and others from other areas, adding Federal Defense Forces infantry divisions 6 and 8, and mechanized divisions 2, 6, 8 have started a large-scale offensive”.

 According to the statement, the south front attack aims to push and control as much areas as possible from Southern Tigray. It, however, said this front mainly planned to serve to support what it called the main planned offensive from “Western Tigray and Western Gondar (Amhara Region) in the direction of Adiabo and Tselemt”

Areas of attack are named in the statement as Chubeber, Janora, Gubagalla and Yallew in the direction of Alamata, Balla, Bisober.

The statement added “if the offensive doesn’t end immediately it will be forced to go for a counter-offensive and liberated occupied areas and return displaced people”.

Update: below official english translation of the statement originally read in Tigrigna (source: Tigray External Affairs Office).

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